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What is the role of an oxygen sensor in a car?

Oxygen sensors (commonly known as O2 sensors) are part of the vehicles emissions system.The purpose of downstream sensors following the converter is to monitor the amount of harmful waste gas flowing in and out of the catalytic converter to...

04 Jan 2021 95 RYDW
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What is an oxygen sensor and why is it important?

Modern cars with internal combustion engines have oxygen sensors in their exhaust systems.The oxygen sensor is a tubular device normally mounted inside the exhaust manifold.They can also be mounted directly in front of the catalytic convert...

04 Jan 2021 196 RYDW
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Do you know how to maintain the carburetor of your car?

The carburetor is one of the parts that you should always keep in mind when conducting regular maintenance and routine inspections.This part of your car plays a vital role in your car to provide you with a smooth and safe ride. What is a ca...

02 Jan 2021 67 RYDW
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Do you know how the carburetor works in the fuel system?

The carburetor relies on a vacuum created by the engine to draw air and fuel into the cylinder.Because of its simplicity, the system has been used for a long time.The throttle can be opened and closed to allow more or less air into the engi...

02 Jan 2021 81 RYDW
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Do you know the functions of a car fuel pump?

The vehicle engine system requires a constant supply of fuel, which is produced through the fuel tank.Fuel is pumped out of the tank and pushed through the fuel pump into the internal combustion engine. Fuel pump function The fuel pump pump...

02 Jan 2021 158 RYDW
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How to judge whether the car fuel pump is damaged?

The simple fact is that if the fuel pump stops working, the car will stop running.It is the fuel pump that carries gasoline from the tank to the engine.Although it can run a certain distance on a faulty fuel pump, sooner or later it will st...

02 Jan 2021 176 RYDW
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How do you know if the clutch on your car is out of order?

For manual cars, clutch is one of the key systems, and the driver really doesnt want to hear that there is a problem with the clutch.Sadly, like many car parts, clutch life is usually around the range of the vehicle.So, how to find the sign...

02 Jan 2021 112 RYDW
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Few people have considered how the brakes actually work

When a driver presses a car brake, it is assumed that these components will work, but very few people consider how the brake actually works.Even if youre not a car mechanic, you can benefit from knowing what your brakes do.Although you may n...

31 Dec 2020 53 RYDW
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8 cooling system parts that you should check regularly

8 cooling system parts that you should check regularly 1. Accessory with drive cooling system Whether your car has a triangular or snake-shaped belt, the belt transfers power from the crankshaft of the engine to the water pump to power the...

31 Dec 2020 174 RYDW
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What happens when the engine cooling system fails?

Exercise is a quick way to warm up.You start slowly, but as the intensity of the exercise increases, your body starts to heat up.Your heart is drawing blood rapidly, your face is turning red and you are beginning to sweat.You can fight the h...

31 Dec 2020 105 RYDW
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