Knowledge Of Auto transmission parts

How do you know if the clutch on your car is out of order?

For manual cars, clutch is one of the key systems, and the driver really doesnt want to hear that there is a problem with the clutch.Sadly, like many car parts, clutch life is usually around the range of the vehicle.So, how to find the sign...

02 Jan 2021 112 RYDW
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RonYu tells you why wheel bearings are important

Wheel bearings are designed to make wheels spin more efficiently, but they can also become annoying over long distances when they decide to fail.So this is where things can go wrong and how do you fix them....

14 Dec 2020 67 RYDW
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Why maintain hub assemblies and wheel bearings?

First, there are two things to understand about this process.Before about 1997, most vehicles were equipped with inner and outer wheel bearings, both of which needed to be replaced.Front-wheel-drive vehicles often have sealed wheel bearing...

14 Dec 2020 144 RYDW
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Car Wheel hub assemblies function

From safely negotiating a tight turn on a winding country road to changing lanes on the freeway, you depend on your vehicle to steer exactly where you want it to every time you jump in the drivers seat. Have you ever thought about what enab...

04 Dec 2020 76 RYDW
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Why Does My Car Pull to the Left or Right?

Steering your vehicle takes little effort - a correction here or there is all it usually takes to keep you moving down the road. However, if you sense your vehicle pulling to one side and leave your vehicle feeling like you just had quite t...

02 Dec 2020 176 RYDW
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Signs of a Failing Driveshaft

From trucks and SUVs to compact cars and sedans, your vehicles transmission system helps power you down the road. Also referred to as the driveshaft, the transmission is responsible for allowing your car to shift from idle to drive. A bad o...

02 Dec 2020 89 RYDW
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Signs of a Failing Clutch

Manual transmission basics For many car enthusiasts, there is nothing like a manual transmission. Pushing down on the clutch and shifting through the gears is a rush that an automatic transmission just cant provide. While your clutch is des...

01 Dec 2020 117 RYDW
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What are the common problems with automobile transmission systems?

You know your vehicle. So when it starts acting differently, you take notice. Are you currently hearing strange sounds or is there a peculiar smell coming from your vehicle? Is it handling differently than normal on the road? The most import...

01 Dec 2020 171 RYDW
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